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Mother and Baby Elephants
category: Satirical essays & thoughts - author: Tim Shih - date: 2007-04-19

Conscience usually includes fairness. You treat me well, and hence I should treat you well. You babysit my child, and hence I should babysit yours. You make me happy, and hence I should try to make you happy, too.

We may not need to follow exact equations. Namely, if you treat me dinners three times, I do not necessarily have to treat you back exactly three times. But I should conscientiously keep your hospitality in mind. Whenever opportunities arise, I should willingly treat you back, which is basic fairness.

So, I .... (continue...)

Go stories

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17Q vs. 9P
category: Go stories - author: Tim Shih - date: 2007-09-30

When I was in high school, (approximately 2 years after J. F. Kennedy was assassinated), one day I strolled into a shabby shopping center in Taichung, a middle city in Taiwan, where I was born.

At that time, I just learned Go, and, as many naive Go novice players might have thought, I thought that I sort of mastered Go already. So, when I accidentally spotted a Go club surrounded by rowdy places, such as a ping pong club, and a meat-hanging store, I curiously stepped in, with my head up high.

“Playing Go games?” A middle-a.... (continue...)

Analyses of Go Games

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A 5-stoned handicap game (5d vs. 5d)
category: Analyses of Go Games - author: Tim Shih - date: 2007-03-21


Tim: At the moment of playing this game, Dave and I have played approximately 10 games, both rated and non-rated. Our record was about 50/50. So, it is not a bad assumption that our strength was about equal. Under this assumption, and given 5 handicap stones, a win by me for about 40 points, plus and minus 10 points, should be considered as a normal outcome.

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Comments by our readers

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Hi, Michael, I am flattered that my essays are able to influence you a little. Plan to continue to exert such influence, because I believe that I am speaking the truth. Thanks for visiting and reading.

Re: > please rephrase this sentence, please? :)

Yes, cultures are different. ( That's a different essay, but applies here as well )

I understand you feel very uncomfortable with my sentence, sounding like you'd apply some force to the world to change it. (?)

(And this might sound exaggerated as well, but I hope it clarifies the direction of the issue. )

Mathijs tried the rephrasing already, quite well in my opinion.

"Influencing the world" is nothing bad by itself. Mahatma Gandhi or the Tibetian Dalai Lama influence the world considerably.

And if you feel a law is not right and should be changed, it is very honorable if you open your mouth (or write a blog nowadays) to show others that they are not alone with their opinion. And perhaps and hopefully, give others something to set up their mind.

I'm glad that you write these essays, as they give me the opportunity to get in touch with your ideas. Be aware, after reading and thinking about it, I'm slightly different from the one I was before. And I'm glad about that.

For etiquette it's not that important as for wrong laws, but it's honorable to deliberately not follow a rule you think it should be abolished the earlier the better.

Your comment regarding the minister's tie tells me that you see this question different:

(As usual I exaggerate to pinpoint the difference:) You feel you have "no choice but trying to obey etiquette". Else it were much more discomfortable than the tie itself.

Now let me say:

The tie itself is not inconvenient at all, once you learnt to tie the knot. It's great. It makes you look like an important man ;)

And Inconvenience is not at all the reason for the Dutch minister, I guess. Not wearing a tie is rather a signal.

Perhaps: It's not the black suit and the tie that makes me an important man.

Or: An easy way to make the people talk about me.

Or: Don't take me that important from my look, rather listen to what I say.

Or something different ...

(I do not know him, but I know that even in the Netherlands, usually finance people wear ties.)

BTW: Whether you stand up or stay seated in a concert should depend on the circumstances and not on King George II.

(Yes, this sounds horribly harsh, could you please smile anyway, please ;)

Hi, Michael, move 18 for black is important. At this moment, securing a corner is still the most urgent task. :)

>please rephrase this sentence

Let me try it: "You give your readers something to think about. Don't you hope that it will somehow change the way they act/see things in a way that you think of as being better"?

If the answer to that question is no, then I have disappointing news for you: your essays do influence opinions:)

Don't you try to influence the world a bit by this site ? ( I hope so )

Michael, please rephrase this sentence, please? :)

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